Add-on Board

Soldering the resistor to between the power and data lines of the sensor cable can be a bit tricky. Especially if you want to connect more than one sensor to your Pi (as you’d solder the resistor to two power and two data lines!).

To make things easier, I designed a (very) simple board. It lets you connect up to five sensors, all you need to do is crimp the sensor cables with the appropriate connector.

The board is available as a Fritzing file on the Github site. You can get PCBs manufactured pretty cheaply online, I recommend JCL PCB.

Failing that, HenrysCat has kindly made the boards available on his storefront for purchase. This storefront isn't associated with temperature-machine but head over to Gitter to talk to HenrysCat direct.

The raw board

Basic PCB

Add up to five sensors with simple push-on type connectors. You just need to crimp them

Using right angled headers

Adding Headers

Using right angled headers on the Pi means you can still use the remaining GPIO pins

Soldering directly onto the Pi Zero


Soldering the three pins directly to the add-on board and using the right angled headers keeps the whole thing small

Finished article

Just add Sensors

The finished article ready for sensors to be attached

Connected sensor

Go go go!

A single sensor connected

For the temperature-machine in my lounge, I mounted it behind my TV and added some Pimoroni Blinkt! LEDs for ambient lighting.

Combine with Pimoroni's Blinkt LEDs

Blinky Lights

Adding Pimoroni's Blinkt! for some ambient lighting